Security & Defence Day 2009 is held with the support of the Swedish Presidency of the European Union 

SecDef is an annual high level conference organised in Brussels which gathers key actors from both civilian and military backgrounds to exchange ideas and discuss the future of the European Security and Defence Policy.


"EU Smart Power": Towards a better integration of European civilian and military dimensions?

To face today's challenges, civilian and military forces have to work increasingly hand in hand, and oftentimes use the same equipment, with only slight modifications. The conference will assess the future of European civil-military cooperation and address several questions: are European institutional cooperative mechanisms satisfying, and how can they be improved? Have existing common platforms and systems been successfully used by both civilian and military users, and what is the future for civil-military common procurement? Where do we stand in terms of common security research? The conference will also examine concrete applications of civil military cooperation, from ESDP missions to prevention of cybercrime and maritime security.


SecDef '08 conference

SecDef'08 conference says "anticipate, collaborate, implement!"

Speaking at the Security & Defence Days 08 senior figures reinforced the same message: in the face of a raft of security threats, global collaboration and cooperation were the only ways forward. First up was France's Interior Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie who emphasised the need to anticipate the likely threats of the next 20 years so an holistic approach could be agreed and developed; one that made citizens feel secure whilst retaining essential liberties. Alliot-Marie also saw a future where, depending on the type of conflict, the EU and NATO shared competencies; that led the Alliance's Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry to say that the door (for US-Europe cooperation) had never been so wide open.

For more information on SecDef'08, please visit www.secdef.eu/2008